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Westland Grey / Green Natural Brazilian Roofing Slate

Westland Grey / Green Natural Brazilian Roofing Slate

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This Westland Brazilian Natural Roofing Slate features a Green/Grey colouring, a smooth surface with a gentle texture, and thick dressed edges.

This well-liked roofing slate is of the finest quality and has gone through a rigorous selection process in order to give you a superb range of materials for your upcoming roofing project. These have all undergone testing in accordance with the most recent British and European standards.

The Westland is offered in a heavy grade (7-9mm), which is appropriate for the northern English and Scottish markets, in addition to the widely used 5-7mm thickness. Additionally, this roofing slate can survive the harsh weather that is common in Scotland and the North of England.

Due to its colour and solidity, this roofing slate is highly popular in the South West of England. Brazilian slate offers excellent value without sacrificing performance, social responsibility, or the environment.

With a W-1, T-1, and S-1 rating, the Westland Grey Green slate satisfies and exceeds all of the most stringent UK testing for water absorption, thermal cycle resistance, and sulphide exposure.

  • 30 year guarantee
  • All slates are pre-holed
  • We recommend that you hook rather than nail these slates
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