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Sievert Pro 88 Detail Roofing Kit

Sievert Pro 88 Detail Roofing Kit

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The professional and powerful Sievert Pro 88 Gast Torch is ideal for soft soldering, brazing, melting, metalworks, paint stripping and other heating jobs. Used worldwide by professional roofers and waterproofing specialists, with a complete power burner program, including Titanium torches, this is the ultimate torch system for heavy-duty tasks.

Ideal for drying, bitumen laying and detail work on roofs, roadworks and other heat demanding applications like preheating before weldings, melting snow and ice etc. This Detail Roofing Kit comes complete with a 4 or 10 metre hose and a hose failure valve. The burner and steel neck tube is fixed to the handle and are not interchangeable.

  • Operates with propane and butane gases
  • Double valved handle mainly for larger burners
  • Incorporates one main valve and one economizer valve enabling a gas-saving pilot flame
  • Trigger for instant shifting between the pilot and main flame and for pulsing the main flame
  • All metal parts made of high-quality brass
  • Ergonomically designed plastic composite handle
  • Double-moulded soft grip for highest comfort and useability
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Recommended working pressure: 4 bar
  • Kit includes: Hose (4m or 10m) and a hose failure valve
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