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Redland Renown Concrete Roof Tile - Pallet of 240

Redland Renown Concrete Roof Tile - Pallet of 240

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A neat, low profile tile designed to blend unobtrusively into its surroundings and giving a more contemporary feel to a roof with a square edged profile.

As with all interlocking concrete tiles, Renown is quick and easy to lay but also provides exceptional wind and driving rain performance.


Size: 418mm x 330mm.

Minimum pitch - Through coloured.
17.5° at 100mm headlap.
22.5° at 75mm headlap.

Minimum pitch - Granular.
22.5° at 100mm headlap.
30° at 75mm headlap.

Maximum pitch: 90° - subject to fixing specification.
Maximum headlap: 125mm.
Minimum gauge: 293mm.
Maximum gauge: 318mm below 22.5° / 343mm at 22.5° and over.
Tile thickness: 
Coverage: 10.5 tiles/m2 at 318mm gauge / 9.7 tiles/m2 at 343mm gauge.
4.58 tonnes/1000.

Batten size:
38mm x 25mm - rafter centres up to 450mm.
50mm x 25mm - rafter centres up to 600mm.

Battens required:
3.15m/m2 at 318mm gauge.
2.92m/m2 at 343mm gauge.

Nail size: 50mm x 3mm.
Tile finish: smooth - through coloured.
Tile profile: profiled.

BBA certified.

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