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Redland Regent Concrete Roof Tiles-per pallet 252

Redland Regent Concrete Roof Tiles-per pallet 252

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The Regent by BMI Redland is a traditionally shaped concrete tile characterised by a high and bold roll profile that creates a striking and unique effect on the roof. These tiles are available in a variety of colours and surface treatments to suit all roof types and meet any aesthetic requirements.

The Regent by BMI Redland can be laid at pitches as low as 12.5 degrees which means they are an ideal option for extensions. They’re also a popular choice for lean to roofs where the rafters have to fit below existing window sills.

The Regent by BMI Redland is available in 9 colours – these are Brown, Antique Red, Slate Grey, Terracotta, Tudor Brown, Farmhouse Red, Breckland Black, Breckland Brown, and Rustic Red. Each option is visually striking and guaranteed to last.



418 x 332 mm


Minimum Pitch and Headlap

Through coloured
12.5 ° *
17.5 °
22.5 °
30 º
*when roof slope includes valleys, minimum pitch is 15 °

Through coloured
at 100 mm headlap
at 75 mm headlap
at 100 mm headlap
at 75 mm headlap


Maximum Pitch

90 º

(subject to fixing specification)

Maximum Headlap

125 mm


Minimum Gauge

293 mm


Maximum Gauge

Through coloured
318 mm
343 mm
318 mm
343 mm

Through coloured
below 17.5 º
17.5 º and over
below 30 º
30 º and over

Hanging Length

397 mm


Linear Cover of 1 Tile

300 mm


Covering Capacity (net) tile/m2

10.5 tiles / m²
9.7 tiles / m²

at 318 mm gauge
at 343 mm gauge

Laid Weight

49 kg / m²
46 kg / m²

at 318 mm gauge
at 343 mm gauge

Weight per 1000 Tiles

4.89 tonnes


Weight per Pallet

1.25 tonnes


Battens Required

3.15 m / m²
2.92 m / m²

at 318 mm gauge
at 343 mm gauge

Batten Size

38 x 25 mm

50 x 25 mm 

Rafter centres up to 450 mm
Rafter centres up to 600 mm

Nail Size

70 x 3.75 mm


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