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Redland Duoplain Concrete Tile-Pallet 288

Redland Duoplain Concrete Tile-Pallet 288

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DuoPlain combines the classic proportions and good looks of traditional plain tiles with all the time and cost-saving benefits of a modern, large-format interlocking tile.

Engineered for strength, ease of handling and ease of installation, it fulfils the three main demands of a modern roofing site. Now available in seven popular colours with the addition of our brand new Blue, DuoPlain also comes with a full range of matching fittings and accessories.

268mm x 330mm.
Minimum pitch: 25°.
Maximum pitch: 90° - subject to fixing specification.
Minimum headlap: 80mm.
Maximum headlap: 173mm.
Minimum gauge: 188mm.
Tile thickness: 17mm.
Coverage: 17.7 tiles/m2 at maximum gauge.
Weight: 3.1 tonnes/1000.
Batten size: 38mm x 25mm - rafter centres up to 450mm.
50mm x 25mm - rafter centres up to 600mm.
Battens required: 5.26m/m2.
Nail size: 40mm x 3mm - aluminium alloy.
45mm x 3.35mm - stainless steel ring shank.
38mm x 4.2mm - stainless steel screws.
Tile finish: through coloured & painted.

BBA certified.

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