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Redland Plain Concrete Tile - Pack of 16

Redland Plain Concrete Tile - Pack of 16

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A cross-cambered concrete plain tile of traditional appearance, designed to be easy to fix. Available in a wide range of natural colours to offer a variety of design options.

Redland's range of concrete plain tiles are quick and easy to lay and offer great versatility and scope for varied effects. The tile features a double camber from side to side as well as from head to tail which textures the roof adding rich detail to a building. Tiles are available in a wide range of different surface finishes, including smooth, sanded and granular to blend with traditional roofing materials throughout the country.


Size : 266mm x 165mm.
Minimum pitch : 35°.
Maximum pitch : 90°.
Coverage : 60 tiles/m2 - below 90°.
52 tiles/m2 - at 90°.
Weight : 1.25 tonnes/1000.
Batten size : 38mm x 25mm - rafter centres up to 600mm.
Battens required : 10m/m2 - below 90°.
8.7m/m2 - at 90°.

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