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Redland 49 Concrete Tile - Pallet of 336

Redland 49 Concrete Tile - Pallet of 336

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he Redland 49 has defined the roofscapes of London for over half a century, with its unique camber adding both strength and aesthetic appeal.

A smaller format offers a light unit weight and a tile that is easy to handle and install. Redland 49 is thus an extremely economical choice of roofing material.


Size : 382mm x 226mm.
Minimum pitch :
Through coloured
17.5° at 100mm headlap.
22.5° at 75mm headlap.
22.5° at 100mm headlap.
30° at 75mm headlap.
Maximum pitch : 90° - subject to fixing specification.
Maximum headlap : 125mm.
Minimum gauge : 257mm.
Maximum gauge :
Through coloured
282mm below 22.5°.
307mm at 22.5° and over.
282mm below 30°.
307mm at 30° and over.
Tile thickness : 25mm.
Coverage : 17.8 tiles/m2 at 282mm gauge.
16.3 tiles/m2 at 307mm gauge.
Weight : 3.12 tonnes/1000.
Batten size : 38mm x 25mm - rafter centres up to 450mm.
50mm x 25mm - rafter centres up to 600mm.
Battens required : 3.56m/m2 at 282mm gauge.
3.26m/m2 at 307mm gauge.
Nail size : 50mm x 3mm.
Tile finish : smooth - through coloured.
Tile profile : profiled.

BBA certified.
Redland 49 Tiles conform to BS EN 490: 2011 Concrete roofing tiles and fittings for roof covering and wall cladding - Product Specifications.

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