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Midland Lead Lead Underlay (25m x 1m)

Midland Lead Lead Underlay (25m x 1m)

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Midland Lead Lead Underlay is a non-woven polyester felt underlay specially designed for lead roofing work. It gives you a smooth, even surface to work on, so you don’t have to worry about exposed nail heads, rough edges or wood knots.

Lead underlay also isolates the lead sheet from the substrate – essentially it reduces the drag between the two and allows for thermal movement. It can protect against corrosion from stone or concrete and eliminates the potential damage caused by timber and roof condensation.

Underlay will reduce the risk of trapped moisture between lead and substrate, helping your lead to stay corrosion-free and it will stop the lead from sagging or puncturing.

  • Supplied in rolls of 25m x 1m
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