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Midland Lead Cleaning Gel - 125ml (Box of 12)

Midland Lead Cleaning Gel - 125ml (Box of 12)

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Lead cleaning gel can be used to remove dirt, grime and stains from old and new lead work. It improves the look of lead and restores its natural lustre and if properly treated, lead will stay looking great for decades. Lead cleaning gel is also an ideal preparation before putting on patination oil on old lead to restore it.

  • Box of 12 - 125ml bottles
  • On normal stains a litre should clean a minimum of 2m2

How to Use:

  1. Use a nylon brush or fine wire wool to apply the gel
  2. Stronger or more ground on stains might require a little more work
  3. Once cleaned, the lead sheet should be washed with water, dried and then have a coat of patination oil applied to prevent further staining appearing.
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