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Marley Edgemere Interlocking Slate Concrete Roof Tile - Pallet of 240

Marley Edgemere Interlocking Slate Concrete Roof Tile - Pallet of 240

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The Edgemere interlocking concrete tile from Marley offers an affordable alternative to natural slate with its clean and precise slate appearance that is enhanced by its thin leading edge of only 18mm. the Edgemere is 40% thinner than standard interlocking tiles, lending a sleek, elegant aesthetic to your building project and providing stunning kerb appeal. Marley's Edgemere slate concrete tile offers outstanding coverage of 9.7 tiles per m2. The broken-bond laying technique means installation is quick and easy and the Edgemere can be used on pitches down to 17.5°, making it a versatile, cost effective roofing solution for a wide range of projects.

Why Concrete Interlocking Tiles?:

The concrete interlocking tile is a modern alternative to the standard plain tile. It is greatly admired for its smooth appearance. Additionally, concrete interlocking tiles have a lower environmental impact, are easier to install and are much more budget friendly - all the while being sturdier with the use of concrete material!

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