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Marley Duo Modern Interlocking Concrete Roof Tiles - Pallet of 192

Marley Duo Modern Interlocking Concrete Roof Tiles - Pallet of 192

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Duo Modern Interlocking Concrete Roof Tiles from Marley are an easy to install, highly affordable and stunning alternative to slate, available in various colours. Made with a smart mock-bond, designed to look just like a desirable small format slate tile, they blend in with small format slates found in many regions. 

All of our concrete interlocking tiles can achieve an 'A+' rating (the lowest environmental impact) in the Building Research Establishment's Green Guide to Specification (* element ref: 812410007, 812410018, 812410049).

Mock-bond for a small format appearance
Can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification
Accredited to the BES 6001 standard for responsible sourcing


Colour: MA11228: Smooth Grey (s) / MA11280: Old English Dark Red (s)
Material: Concrete
Availability (STD|MTO): STD
Product Dimensions (L x W x T): 420mm x 330mm x 30mm
Minimum pitch: 22.50° (75mm headlap) / 17.50° (100mm headlap)
Maximum pitch: 90°
Minimum headlap: 75mm
Maximum gauge: 345mm
Cover width +tol: 292mm
Covering capacity /m2 min headlap: 9.9
Weight of unit approx: 5.5kg
Installed weight min headlap (kg / m2): 50
Fire resistance: Yes
Laid straight bond (Y|N): Y
Laid broken bond (Y|N): Y
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