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Marley Concrete Plain Eaves/Top Roof Tile

Marley Concrete Plain Eaves/Top Roof Tile

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Marley is a market leading provider of fittings and accessories. From a comprehensive range of tile and slate fittings, through to high performance dry fix and ventilation products, we continue to be recognised for delivering the highest quality roof system


  • Traditional eaves and top course fitting
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 35 and 60 degrees
  • Available in a range of colours


Colour : Natural Red : Antique : Grey Stone : Dark Red : Smooth Grey : Anthracite : Smooth Brown : Old English Dark Red : Mosborough Red
Material Concrete
LowPitch (Y|N) N
Renovation / Refurbishment (Y|N) Y
New Build (Y|N) Y
Extension (Y|N) Y
Vertical (Y|N) Y
Modern Style (Y|N) Y
Classic Style (Y|N) Y
Availability (STD|MTO) STD
Weight of unit approx 4.95kg
Fire resistance Yes
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