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Marley Concrete Plain Bonnet Hip

Marley Concrete Plain Bonnet Hip

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This concrete bonnet hip from Marley is used as a traditional plain tile hip fitting and is available in a range of colours to match perfectly with Marley's concrete plain tiles.

Why Marley Concrete Fittings:

A concrete roof tile fitting is there to keep things in place and there are many types available for the modern home. The concrete colour varieties ensure they match the theme of the main tiles. It's important to note that the types of tile can vary when it comes to the recommended roof pitch, so contacting the Technical Advisory Service is recommended for support. You'll find the Marley concrete plain bonnet hip has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Marley plain concrete range. It is to be used on a roof with a minimum pitch of 35 degrees and a maximum pitch of 50 degrees.

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