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Marley Concrete Modern Mono Stop End Ridge

Marley Concrete Modern Mono Stop End Ridge

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this Concrete Modern Mono Stop End Ridge from Marley comes in a range of colours and is available in Left/Right hand options. The Marley concrete modern mono stop end ridge is compatible with Marley concrete tiles.

Why Concrete Fittings

A concrete roof tile fitting is there to keep things in place and there are many types available for the modern home. The concrete colour varieties ensure they match the theme of the main tiles. It's important to note that the types of tile can vary when it comes to the recommended roof pitch, so What are ridge tiles? Ridge tiles are used at the highest point of the roof. They provide both an aesthetic and practical purpose. Designs are varied to ensure you can find the perfect choice for your project. For example, angled ridges are a popular choice on slate roofs, whereas the half round ridge is a common and versatile option for both clay and concrete roofs. It's worth noting the primary function of a ridge is to ensure that the top of the roof remains watertight by covering the gap, whilst also offering a visually pleasing finish to the roof. You can choose to match ridges with the existing tile colour or combine contrasting colours for a more prominent look. Other shapes and designs, such as mono ridges, segmental ridges and decorative ridges that feature an ornamental feature are also available. Ridges can be fixed with a mortar or via a dry ridge. You'll find the Marley concrete modern mono stop end ridge is suitable to be used with all Marley concrete tiles, on a roof with a pitch ranging from 15 degrees to 45 degrees.

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