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Lead Flashing Hall Clips (50 Pack)

Lead Flashing Hall Clips (50 Pack)

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Stainless Steel Flashing Clips

Pack of 50

Easier, faster and cheaper than traditional wedges!

Pack of 50. Fast and convenient stainless steel alternative to traditional lead wedges. Just hammer Hall lead flashing clips to back of chase, before pointing or sealing, for tight long-lasting grip.

Traditionally, flashing was fixed in place using wedges formed from spare pieces of lead inserted into the chase joint but this practice is time consuming and costly. Hall Clips cost less money, are quicker and easier to use and grip firmly to ensure flashing stays put.

Features & Benefits

  • Easier to use than lead wedges
  • Cheaper than lead wedges
  • 20 times quicker than lead wedges
  • For joints between 6mm and 18mm
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