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Klober Uni-Click Dry Verge Unit Right Handed - Slate Grey

Klober Uni-Click Dry Verge Unit Right Handed - Slate Grey

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403mm long x 148mm wide x 56mm deep.

Please note, Klober's Uni-Click Dry Verge is now manufactured in polypropylene rather than PVC, making it both lighter and stronger.
Polypropylene is also much easier to recycle, thus making it a greener alternative to PVC.

Designed to provide a mortar-free and secure method of fixing concrete interlocking verge tiles. Its neat interlocking design provides a consistent appearance that requires no maintenance.

 Mortar free.
 All weather fixing.
 Secure mechanical fixing avoids wind uplift problems.
 Quick and easy to fit – no special tools required.
 Neat attractive appearance.
 Weatherproof and maintenance free.
 Unaffected by settlement or differential movement.
 UV stable.
 Prevents entry of birds and large insects.

Refurbishment or new build on roofs from 12.5° to 90°.

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