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Klober Permo Forte SK2 Vapour Permeable Roofing Felt - 50m x 1.5m

Klober Permo Forte SK2 Vapour Permeable Roofing Felt - 50m x 1.5m

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Permo forte SK2 is an extremely strong four layer vapour permeable underlay with a built-in re-enforcement grid. Suitable for all pitched roofs. The double integral tape at the laps and the Glue-on-Glue connection creates a very effective and secure airtight seal, reducing energy loss. The typical problems laying in wet/dusty conditions avoided because both strips protected by release paper.

Why use Permo Forte?

Suitable for all pitched roofs, this roofing membrane is an effective solution for controlling condensation and has the best resistance in the marketplace. It can be used for cold or warm roofs making this product adaptable.

Features & Benefits

  • Very strong and robust vapour permeable underlay.
  • 4 layer material with grid.
  • BBA, IAB & CE approved for cold & warm roofs.
  • UV stable for 4 months.
  • Double hydrophobically treated.
  • Allows the roof structure to breathe, yet fully waterproof.
  • Counterbattens only required on fully supported applications.
  • Limits air leakage in a sealed roof application.
  • Type LR underlay.

Please note: the Klober permo forte SK2 membrane is suitable for use everywhere in the UK (zones 1 to 5) without restriction under BS 5534 which therefore includes the zones with the highest wind speeds in the country.

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