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Klober Over Fascia Vent 25mm x 1000mm - Pack of 50

Klober Over Fascia Vent 25mm x 1000mm - Pack of 50

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From KLOBER, this 25mm x 1000mm over fascia vent is made from durable polypropylene. It is ideal for warm roofs, flat roofs and for roof pitches below 15°, as well is immensely easy to install in applications that are new builds or re-roofing.

The vent allows for eaves ventilation that is continuous and uninterrupted. With a discreet and tidy design, birds and insects are restricted from the roof space while maintaining the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the roof.

Features & Benefits: Klober Over Fascia Vent 25mm x 1000mm - Pack of 50

  • Discreet and neat method of roof void ventilation
  • Stops birds and big insects from getting into the roof space
  • Both lightweight and durable
  • Installation is easy
  • For new builds or re-roofing applications
  • Pack of 50
  • 1000mm x 48mm x 38mm
  • Vent/Airflow of 25mm
  • Pack weighs 16kg

During installation, the vent should be positioned directly on top of the fascia board and the stop section should sit tightly next to the vertical edge. Fascia Vents can then be accurately fixed into the fascia board's top with 50mm x 3.35mm corrosion-resistant nails. Following units are then fixed continuously along the eaves.

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