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Klober 10mm Vented Eaves Protector 1m x 195mm - Box of 40

Klober 10mm Vented Eaves Protector 1m x 195mm - Box of 40

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Klober’s Vented Eaves Protector is a faster and easier method of ventilating and protecting at the eaves. It consists of a practical 1000mm Over Fascia Vent with integrated Underlay Support Tray.

• Combined Fascia Vent, Underlay Support Tray.
• Easy to fit
• Practical 1000mm lengths
• Split drip section allows easy fixing of gutter brackets
• Watertight connection assembly
• Prevents ponding behind the fascia board
• UV stable
• Prevents birds and vermin from entering batten space
• Full replacement fascia boards and capping fascia boards of all sizes
• Engineered nail/screw ports, with ‘sleeves’ to guide fixings in to the centre of the fascia edge
• Unique ‘split skirt’ feature which allows 240mm sections to be easily lifted, enabling easy installation of gutter brackets.
• 10 year guarantee.


Suitable for:
• New build and refurbishment work.
• Roofs between 15 and 60° pitches.
• Flat and profiled tiles.

Injection moulded UV-stable polypropylene.
Environmentally friendly - made from 100% re-processed material.


Provides the equivalent of a continuous 10mm or 25mm opening (10,000mm2 per metre run) at eaves level.

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