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Insulation Slab

Insulation Slab

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Insulation Slab

Insulation slab, also known as insulation batt, is a rigid slab manufactured from glass wool, mineral wool and sheep’s wool. While traditionally this type of material is used to form insulation rolls, when crafted into rigid slabs it can be used in upright positions. This means insulation batts tend to fit neatly into joists and battens in roof spaces as well as partition walls.

If you’re insulating a pitched roof or upright wall, a rigid insulation slab is much easier to work with compared to loft roll. This is because the insulation won’t sag or compress, so you’ll get the maximum performance in energy efficiency. 

Insulation batts in our range are supplied by industry-leading brands Knauf and ROCKWOOL. You’ll find a selection of non-combustible thermal and acoustic building slabs, alongside more flexible options which can be manipulated for the perfect fit.

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