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Icopal Shed & Kennel Felt

Icopal Shed & Kennel Felt

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Icopal Shed & Kennel Felt

 Icopal Shed & Kennel Felt simply cannot be beaten.

This extraordinary mineral capsheet has been cleverly designed and manufactured using the very best fibre reinforced materials. When you choose the Icopal Shed & Kennel Felt, you will be assured of an outstanding performance from a product that is both durable and reliable. Both sides have been coated with oxidised bitumen that will render the roof completely impervious to water.

Oxidised bitumen is chemically stable and also incredibly flexible which adds to the dimensional stability of the roof. What this means, is that this product is perfect as a cost-effective waterproof covering for all manner of temporary portable buildings with pitched roofs such as sheds and kennels. These buildings can be moved without any risk of the roof cracking or splitting.

The stable nature of oxidised bitumen also ensures full compatibility with most roofing and building materials except for Hydrocarbon solvent-based products such as creosote, paraffin and Naphtha. The Icopal Shed & Kennel Felt also boasts fantastic cold flexibility making it ideally suited for use in environments where temperatures frequently drop below freezing.

To give the Icopal Shed & Kennel Felt its attractive appearance, the top surface is finished with decorative green mineral granules. The underside is finished with a fine granule sand. Installation of the Icopal Shed & Kennel Felt couldn’t be easier or more straightforward. Simply apply by bonding the membrane to the underlay using a cold-applied bitumen felt adhesive.

If the product needs to be trimmed, this can also be done easily. The Icopal Shed & Kennel Felt can be cut and formed using the techniques described in BS 8217:2004. These alterations can be carried out without any harmful side effects, so you always have peace of mind when using this product. Furthermore, all side and end laps can be securely sealed using the same cold-applied bitumen felt adhesive method for added convenience.

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