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Icopal SBS Standard Underlay Roofing Felt - 16m x 1m Roll

Icopal SBS Standard Underlay Roofing Felt - 16m x 1m Roll

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Icopal SBS Standard Underlay Felt  - 16m x 1m Roll

  • Polyester reinforced SBS modified bitumen membrane
  • Life expectancy of 20 years
  • Roll length 16m
  • Roll width 1m
  • Easy to handle and install

Boasting an impressive life expectancy of up to 20 years, the Icopal Anderson SBS – Torch-on Underlay is truly a marvel of engineering. With its proven performance, outstanding durability and compatibility, this product is an excellent choice for roofing specialists and homeowners everywhere. Here at JJ Roofing, we supply this product with a 10 year guarantee when installed by an approved Icopal contractor in-line with their specifications.

What really sets the Icopal Anderson SBS – Torch-on Underlay apart from all the rest is the featured superior bond strength with film selvedge. This high-strength polyester reinforced SBS modified bitumen membrane is comprised of a polyester carrier that has been coated with the elastomeric bitumen. Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene, or SBS, is a thermoplastic elastomer. The term SBS describes a group of synthetic rubber that consists of butadiene and styrene.

Bitumen modified with SBS boasts increased cold flexibility and elastic properties. This makes it ideal for high-performance built-up systems as it is able to retain its shape after being stretched. As a result, the Icopal Anderson SBS – Torch-on Underlay is ideal for use with flat, pitched and curved roofs as a roofing membrane.

In addition to boasting remarkable dimensional stability which enables the system to accommodate building movement, this product also features numerous resistances. Issues such as pests, insects, fungi, mould, moss, lichen and bacteria will be a thing of the past. Plus, roofs comprised of this system will be impervious to water as well as the effects of freezing and thawing.

The Icopal Anderson SBS – Torch-on Underlay system is incredibly sturdy, and this is due to the engineered build-quality that provides a high resistance to mechanical damage and puncturing. When compared with alternative flat roof coverings, this product is superior in every way.

Installation of the Icopal Anderson SBS – Torch-on Underlay couldn’t be simpler. This product features cutting-edge grooved adhesion technology and requires less heat to apply than traditional applications. This will not only save you time but money as well during the installation process. Each of these products sports a self-finished mineral surface. This solar reflective and decorative finish is ideal for built-up waterproofing systems.

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