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Square Style Plastic Gutter Running Outlet

Square Style Plastic Gutter Running Outlet

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From Freefoam's Freeflow range, this Square gutter running outlet is a comprehensive fitting that provides a water-tight installation. With a 114mm width, it is available in a range of colour options.

Featuring co-extruded technology with two layers, the interior surface is white which reduces heat absorption and thermal expansion. This helps to significantly minimise the potential for cracking. With a high-quality uPVC structure, this running outlet is resilient against the effect of weather changes and UV rays. Its leak-free performance and quick installation offer fantastic benefits and it can be combined with other rainwater systems with the correct adaptors.

Features & Benefits: Freeflow Square Style Plastic Gutter Running Outlet

  • Range of colours options to choose from
  • Versatile and cost-effective
  • Fits 65mm square downpipes and 68mm round downpipes
  • Quick and easy water-tight installation
  • Co-extruded to prevent heat damage
  • 114mm gutter diameter
  • UV resistant
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