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Floplast Gutter brush 4m Length

Floplast Gutter brush 4m Length

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The new Floplast Gutter Brush is the latest innovation in gutter maintenance, designed to easily and efficiently keep debris out of the guttering system. The accumulation of moss, leaves and other rubbish is a major threat to a guttering system, both stopping the flow of water and building up weight that can lead to a breakdown.

The Floplast Gutter Brush is simple to install and will continue working without anyone around. Simply remove any debris from the guttering, lay the brush into the guttering so that it lies just under the roof tiles and cut it to the length of pipe.

The brush is sold in 4 metres lengths. If you need to add more than one length together, simply butt the two ends against each other so there are no gaps.

Why choose the Gutter Brush?

  • It is easy to install
  • It can work in almost any shape of guttering including older systems with unusual shapes
  • It stops any debris such as leaves from accumulating as well as putting off the growth of moss
  • There is little maintenance required, though Floplast do recommend jet washing the brush on an annual basis
  • It is made from high quality black polypropylene filaments meaning it doesn’t stand out when in place and has a flexible stainless steel core that is rust resistant
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