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Eclipse Tinsnip 10" (250mm) Straight Cut Metal Cuttings Snips

Eclipse Tinsnip 10" (250mm) Straight Cut Metal Cuttings Snips

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This Eclipse Straight Cut Metal Cuttings Snips is a heavy duty metal cutting shear that is available in a 10" (250mm) size.

Because the blades of these shears are induction hardened, tempered, and readily re-sharpened, they have a long lifespan.

Additionally, they provide a tonne of comfort and flexibility as you work on any construction project. For a simple cutting operation, the precisely hollow ground blades reduce friction. These are also remarkably adaptable due to the spring-loaded nut, which enables simple modifications to lengthen the operating life.

It has been created to guarantee quality and strength. This has been accomplished by ensuring that the handles are made of premium drop-forged steel, which offers maximum strength. These shears include incorporated brakes that prevent caught fingers without affecting the jaw capability, demonstrating that safety has also not been ignored.

  • 10"
  • Offers quality & strength
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Long-lifespan 
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