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Eaves Guard Felt Support Tray

Eaves Guard Felt Support Tray

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Manufactured from recycled PVC, this 1.5m long Rigid Roofing Felt Support Tray, is a cost-effective solution for protecting exposed roofing felt or underlay at the eaves. When left uncovered for prolonged periods, UV rays from the sun will cause the roofing materials to degrade and rot over time.

Thanks to its rigid construction, not only will it direct rainwater into your gutters, the support tray will prevent ponding from occurring behind your fascia boards, stopping the underlay from sagging between the rafters. These qualities make it a highly recommended addition to projects where the fascia boards are being replaced.

Features & Benefits: Eaves Guard Felt Support Tray

  • A simple, easy-to-install and cost-effective solution for protecting exposed roof felt and membranes from UV degradation
  • Has a rigid construction and is manufactured from recycled PVC
  • Will prevent ponding behind the fascia and sagging underlay
  • Helps to direct rainwater into your gutters
  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment
  • Can be installed on all roofs

Suitable for use on all roofs, when installing your felt support trays, place it on top of the fascia board and secure it to the rafters using corrosion-resistant nails.

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