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Easy Trim Ridge F Plus Kit Universal Roll Out Dry Ridge System 6m Black

Easy Trim Ridge F Plus Kit Universal Roll Out Dry Ridge System 6m Black

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Quick and simple mechanical fixing of almost all ridge tiles. Uses high quality parts with 20 year guarantee to provide a ridge that is resistant to water but allows the roof to breath.

The ventilated Ridge Roll provides the equivalent of 5mm continuous airflow and it's malleable, crimped aluminium skirt with flexible ridge tile Unions are the key components that make this kit so effective - together, they offer long term security with a quality water seal.

Benefits of Easy Ridge F Dry Fix Ridge Kit

* Quick and easy to fit - no special tools or skills required
* Fit under any dry conditions
* Fully serviceable - easy to maintain even after many years
* Ventilated ridge - allows roof to breath
* Use on Ridge OR Hips - dedicated Hip Tray available
* Effective year after year - resistant to freeze/thaw cycles plus thermal expansion and contraction
* Long-life durable fixings - Stainless Steel and Nylon
* 20 year guarantee - British Standard product you can trust

The Easy Ridge F complies with BS 5250 and BS 5534 and is manufactured to DIN 4108/3. The dry fix system is recommended by NHBC.

The kit is supplied with fitting instruction to help you through the process but be assured, fitting is quick and easy compared to mortar fitting and other dry-fix systems.

Pack Contains:-

1 Ridge Roll
13 Unions
10 Batten Brackets and all fixings

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