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Cromar Leadax Lead-Free Alternative Flashing Roll - 6m

Cromar Leadax Lead-Free Alternative Flashing Roll - 6m

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Leadax is a lead-free and eco-friendly roof flashing alternative that looks, dresses and acts just like lead! Featuring many of the benefits of lead and few drawbacks, Leadax is a malleable, flexible and extremely cost-effective choice for cavity walls, chimneys and similar projects. It is also made from materials that won't harm the environment and comes with UV and water-resistant properties for longevity.  

  • The same properties of lead but not harmful to the environment
  • Available in 8 sizes (widths)
  • Length: 6 metres
  • More cost-effective than traditional lead
  • Faster to install than lead
  • Lighter weight and easier to use than lead
  • Equivalent to code 5
  • BBA certified
  • Colour: lead grey
  • Sustainable and not harmful to the environment 
  • UV age tested and water-resistant for at least 20 years
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