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ClassicBond EPDM Drip Trim Joiners

ClassicBond EPDM Drip Trim Joiners

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ClassicBond EPDM Drip Trim Joiners

If it goes on the roof, you’re sure to find it here at HG Roofing Supplies– the number one stockist of high-quality products for EPDM rubber roofing and so much more. Introducing the world-class ClassicBond EPDM Drip Trim Joiner, the best choice for virtually all roofing systems. If you’re looking to maintain standards of quality across the board; then this is the product for you!

The ClassicBond EPDM Drip Trim (also referred to as a ‘Perimeter Trim’) provides the easiest solution for those looking to finish off an EPDM flat roof. What makes the ClassicBond EPDM Drip Trim so extraordinary is that it creates its own seal to the roof surface. This effectively negates the need to install a timber perimeter upstand which is far more convenient both in terms of time and cost.

At HG Roofing Supplies, we supply these two-part trims in lengths of 2.5m and with the relevant fixings. This ensures that installation is quick and easy with no extra hassle on your part. The ClassicBond EPDM Drip Trim can be installed onto any EPDM rubber roofing system by both amateurs and professionals alike.

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