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EPDM Internal Drain Outlet - Black

EPDM Internal Drain Outlet - Black

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EPDM Internal Drain Outlet fits standard domestic rainwater downpipes and will effectively join the downpipe to the EPDM membrane where the drain runs through the roof deck. This drain outlet also comes with a leaf guard to prevent blockages caused by the ingress of organic debris.

  • Size: Fits Standard Domestic Downpipe; 100mm Downpipe and 110 Downpipe
  • For Classic Bond and DuoPly roofing systems
  • Includes leaf guard
  • Colour: Black/Grey


  1. Cut the drain flange down to leave a 25-35mm flange.
  2. Cut a 100mm hole in the roof membrane.
  3. Insert the drain ensuring a positive fit inside the down pipe.
  4. Fix to decking by screwing through the flange into the roof deck using 3 wood screws.
  5. Prime the Internal Drain and surrounding roof membrane with rubber primer.
  6. Cut a piece of 9" Uncured Flashing to place over the internal drain ensuring at least 60mm extra on all sides is bonded to roof membrane.
  7. Adhere flashing to drain and membrane using seam roller once the primer is touch dry.
  8. Cut a hole in the flashing making sure not to cut internal drain.
  9. Insert leaf guard.
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