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Carbide Tipped Super Thin Cutting Disc For PVC/Wood - 4.5"

Carbide Tipped Super Thin Cutting Disc For PVC/Wood - 4.5"

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This Carbide Grit Specialist Blade is an incredibly thin tool with a fast-cutting, bi-directional angle grinder blade created for a variety of applications.

This tool can be used on a number of materials, including plastics, plasterboard, PVC, chipboard and MDF, laminate, epoxy and fibreglass, and different types of lumber, including hard, soft, coarse rip and cross-cut, plywood and timber with embedded nails.

For roofers, decking contractors, plumbers, electricians, window installers and general builders, this wonderful multipurpose blade is perfect.

  • Vacuum brazed carbide grit
  • Minimal segment clean up
  • Super thin
  • Extremely fast cutting
  • Bi-directional
  • Extremely long life
  • Diameter: 115mm (4½”)
  • Bore: 22.23mm

Suitable for:

  • Timber – hard, soft, coarse rip and cross cut / Plywood
  • Timber with embedded nails / Chipboard & MDF / Laminates
  • Epoxy & Fibreglass / Plastic / Plasterboard / PVC
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