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Redland Third Round Hip Concrete Tile

Redland Third Round Hip Concrete Tile

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The Redland Third Round Hip Concrete Tile is available in two versions, either with or without nailholes. When mortar bedding only, fix a Hip Iron at the eaves and use Hip tiles without nailholes. Use the nailhole version for dry and mechanically fixed hips and use woodscrews, complete with neoprene washers and foam grommets. A concrete Block End Third Round Hip Tile must be used at the eaves when using the Dry and Rapid Hip Systems.

  • Pack of 4
  • Size: Length: 450mm x Width: 233mm x Height: 70mm
  • Redland Third Round Ridge can be used on a range of hip angles
  • Can be dry fixed, mortar bedded only or mortar bedded and mechanically fixed
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