KNOW HOW- To Clean Gutter with Guards

KNOW HOW- To Clean Gutter with Guards

Ways of Cleaning Gutters With Gutter Guards

Learning how to clean gutters with guards is easier than you might think. Follow the proper steps below to learn more.

1. Place a Drop Cloth

Before you begin the gutter cleaning process, you must place a drop cloth below the area to catch falling gutter debris. The drop cloth ensures you don’t transport the mess to your yard while making the process faster and more efficient.

2. Secure the Ladder

Safety is always a top priority when cleaning a gutter system. Always secure your extension ladder by tying the base with a rope and connecting it to a close tree. You can also have someone hold the ladder while you clean your gutter system.

3. Put on Safety Goggles

Sometimes gutter debris flies upward and can hit you in the face and eyes, potentially causing an injury. It’s best to wear safety goggles and protective gear to prevent injuries and protect your eyes. You can also wear gardening gloves to protect your hands from sharp twigs and rubble.

4. Climb Up the Ladder

Now that you have everything set up, you can climb the ladder and start cleaning your gutters and guards. Carefully climb up the ladder and find a position that allows you to clean the gutters safely with minimal effort.

5. Remove the Gutter Guards

Although there are several types of gutter guards available, most models detach from your home and allow you to clean your gutters efficiently. Once you climb the ladder, remove the gutter guards and ready your supplies (more on cleaning materials later).

6. Collect Leaves and Any Other Debris

Finally, you can start cleaning your gutters and gutter guards. Use a gutter scoop to remove excess debris and toss it in a bucket or on the drop cloth. Once you remove the dirt and grime, scrub the surface with gutter brushes to remove stubborn remnants. 

You can also apply slight water pressure to wash away the remaining debris and test the system’s efficiency.

7. Have a Helper

It’s best to have a friend or family member hand you supplies and support the ladder while you clean your gutter system. They make the process safer and less time-consuming.

Tools Needed in Cleaning Gutters with Gutter Guards

Efficient gutter cleaning requires a few tools. Below are some tools to help you clean your gutters and gutter guards.

  • Pail- holds gutter debris, so it doesn’t overload the drop cloth.
  • Ramp- provides access to your gutters.
  • Garden gloves- protect your hands from sharp debris.
  • Goggles- protect your eyes from flying rubble.
  • Ropes- secures the ladder when you don’t have a friend to hold it in place.
  • Drop cloth- catches falling debris and protects your yard.
  • Hose with pistol grip nozzle- washes away excess dirt and grime after the cleaning process.
  • Garden shovel- allows you to remove debris quickly and efficiently.

When Should Our Gutter Guards Be Cleaned? 

Many people wonder, “how often should I clean gutters with guards?” Although gutter guard cleaning frequency fluctuates depending on your region, most professionals recommend washing them at least once during the fall and spring seasons. However, cleaning your gutter guards multiple times a year ensures they maintain their efficiency.

Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service once a season is a surefire way to keep your gutter system in pristine condition. Gutter cleaning specialists utilize professional-grade tools and techniques that most homeowners don’t have or understand. They can make your gutters function optimally for a modest fee.

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